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Empowerment for Health and Wellbeing

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Leading an unhealthy lifestyle is currently one of the main problems in western society. As a result, the costs of healthcare and increasing exponentially. This combination currently presents a huge societal but also an economical and organizational challenge. To give focus to the challenge at hand we pose the following question: “How do we get people to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing?” You will try to tackle this problem by learning how to develop and design systems together with these people, in a real context and with a real client. Through advanced design processes you will learn about working with patients and therapists to develop physical or digital tools that empower people to take their problems into their own hands.

In this Honors track you will conduct a 1-year project that you can define yourself by presenting your vision on the future of healthcare and wellbeing. Do you have an idea that empowers people or helps them manage their own personal wellbeing? Then in this track you will have to opportunity to bring that vision into reality! You will be inspired by lectures, workshops and company visits to companies such as Medtronic, Radboud UMC and more.


The track consists of different groups each working on their own project. Below a short description of each group.

Rehabilitative opportunities

Our project looks to support the rehabilitative opportunities offered by the startup “GTX-medical”, whose treatment could provide patients with extended recovery of spinal cord injuries. We aim to do so by providing patients with a solution for home rehabilitation, through which they are able to properly perform the exercises provided by their therapist, without actual interference of said professional.

Workplace vitality

Mivo enables building occupants to give their subjective feedback on current air quality, temperature, light, and noise level – the environmental aspects that influence vitality and productivity. Every desk has its own Mivo allowing for localized feedback and a map overview of the workplace with suggestions for improvement based on the inputs. The collected data gets collected and analysed in the web-based system which would help facility management of offices to enable easier building performance assessments. Outcomes of these evaluations could improve the current building state and provide smart and efficient building management to create a healthy workspace.


Do you ever talk about a shared event with people, but it turns out they have completely different memories about it? This also happens in the communication between doctors and patients. After talking to patients, we found out that they miss an overview, due to the emotional aspects, the lack of the instruments to provide an overview, but also the information that is differently interpreted in a consult. We want to give breast cancer patients more insight about their treatment process to help them make the best fitting choices about their life. We designed a product that gives the opportunity for patients and doctors to construct the treatment plan of the patient. Personal triggering questions and visual information of the planning provided in the product will help to solve this problem. We hope to scale JOS to more target groups in the future.