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Energy Transition

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The world population is growing and wealth in certain countries is increasing. As conventional energy resources are becoming scarce and energy demand is growing, the need to switch to more efficient use of resources and more radical changes to use sustainable energy resources is becoming more and more urgent. Additionally, greenhouse gas emissions need to go down substantially over the next 35 years. This university emphasizes its part in this transition through the Strategic Area Energy (SAE), which has been one of the three focus areas for several years now.


At the SAE we explore a broad spectrum of promising technologies. In the short term, research focuses on the built environment, new fuel technologies and smart grid solutions. Further away, research will deliver novel solar cells and other new revolutionary energy conversion and storage technologies. In the longer run, our nuclear fusion research will contribute to a sustainable transition in a global team effort.

Examples of research questions of previous Energy Transition Track Projects

Can heat pump systems become important contributors to fulfilling the heat demand in the Netherlands? How can the production process of wood vinegar, a replacement for use of chemical pesticides in rural Thailand, be optimized? Can we run a bus on formic acid? Can the heat released when burning metals, make an important contribution to either electricity demand or energy demand in transport (mobility)? How can we design a smart grid for the TU/e campus?

Teams in the track

Energy transition is a broad topic. Therefore, the track is split in six different teams. Each team with their own goals and each lifting energy to a whole new level.