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Smart Mobility

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At TU/e Smart Mobility we see many opportunities to use the potential of technology to solve the problems of mobility by adding smartness to it aiming to decrease these negative effects down to 0%. Within the Smart Mobility track of the Honors Academy we would like to challenge you to develop yourself in generating out-of-the-box ground breaking new mobility concepts.

Autonomous car

In last two years the honors students in the smart mobility track have worked together on the design of an automated system of autonomous cars for the city of Eindhoven, on the aspects of design of the overall urban mobility system, the business plan, the App design, the digital world representation and vehicle control. The team consists of students from quite different disciplines: built environment, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, industrial design and informatics. For the team a Renault Twizy is available for implementing core technologies and doing experiments with user focus groups.

University Racing Eindhoven

University Racing Eindhoven (URE) is one of the largest student teams at Eindhoven University of Technology. Each year, the team members design and manufacture an electric race car together from scratch, to compete in international Formula Student competitions all over the world. Starting this year, URE has taken on the challenge to, next to the regular electric class, compete in the autonomous driving class as well. To achieve that goal the team has started ‘Project Prime’, converting one of the older race car models into the first autonomous racecar of the Benelux. Different than other Honors projects, Project Prime is completely independent of the Honors Academy. You get to learn how to function within a far larger interdisciplinary team (+/- 70 people) on a faster-pasted and more high-tech project with practical application. Doing it as part of your Honors project means you get the best of both worlds. You can take all that working at Project Prime has to offer, without losing the oversight and focus on your own personal development that the Honors Academy emphasizes in the process. If you are eager to learn more about URE or Project Prime, check out our website.