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Honors for Bachelor students

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You Are in the Lead

In the Track of your choice you are challenged to take the lead in your own development and in the project you are doing. You get the chance to work together with students from other departments, to meet inspiring coaches, to explore the forefront of knowledge and to meet with people from industry. Dive into your own discipline or explore other disciplines, it’s all up to you.

Investment and Completion

The honors work will be on top of your regular study in the second and third year, and requires a time investment of about 10 hours per week (840 hours in total; 30 credits). It is divided in two parts of 15 credits each. After the first part your progress and the quality of your work are assessed. This is also a moment of reflection on continuing your honors work or not, in the same Track or in another one. Successful completion of the full honors program is mentioned on your Bachelor’s diploma, you receive a letter of recommendation and obtain 30 additional credits. If you only complete the first part you get a certificate and 15 additional credits.


The Honors Academy provides projects in several fields of expertise. Each expertise is further explored in a so-called ‘track’.  Below an overview of all tracks of the Honors Academy.

Energy TransitionSmart MobilityArtificial IntelligenceCompetitive Programming & Problem Solving
High Tech SystemsSensUs OrganizationSmart CitiesEmpowerment for Healthcare and Wellbeing