Privacy Policy – H.S.A. Confluente

Privacy Policy

This privacy statement describes how and when H.S.A. Confluente collects, uses and shares information about you.

The following will describe respectively

  • What information do we collect about you and from what sources
  • How we process information about you and to what end
  • How long we store your data
  • Your rights concerning your data

We recommend you read this document in full to understand how your data is treated. In case of any questions or requests to change the way we store data about you, please contact us via

Information we collect

Information provided by Honors Academy

We gain data about you before you join Confluente from the Honors Academy. This information includes only your email, initials and surname.

Information you provide

Upon registration for Confluente, we obtain from you your full name, email, major, date of enrolment into the Honors Program as well as current track.

  • Upon registration for an event, we obtain from you varying personal data required to organise the event.
  • During events pictures are taken of you.
  • Payment information through payments and declarations.

Information we collect from third parties

Data generated by our email templating service, amongst others tracks clicks of associated email addresses and their location. Data generated by interacting with our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Processing information

Member data

Data concerning your personal details is stored and used for administrative purposes.

  • Payment information is used exclusively internally for resolving financial matters. This data is never shared with third parties.
  • Anonymised statistical data, e.g. distribution of studies, may be shared with third parties to inform them about our association.
  • Your email address is part of a mailing list on a third party templating service.
  • Your personal data may be shared with committee members for communication purposes.

Event data

Activities sometimes require specific information, e.g. allergies, these are necessary in order to organise the event. Notably, passport and ID scans are needed for trips. Some pictures from activities are shared on Facebook, LinkedIn and the Confluente website.

Activity data

Data generated by the templating service as well as social media is used exclusively internally to provide a better service to our members. Such data is, however, also in possession of the third party providing it.

Storing information

Member data is stored as long as you are a member (including associate and honorary memberships).

  • Financial data is stored indefinitely.
  • Event data is stored until the end of the event. A notable exception is information about partaking in the event and pictures, which are stored indefinitely.
  • Data generated by the third parties are stored by those third parties.
  • Due to back-ups data which is due to be removed automatically may figure in the back-up up to a year longer. Back-ups are stored offline.


In short, we store and process data as long as you do not object. At any point a request with regards to your data can be sent to us, these include:

  • Request to access, correct, update or delete data we store about you.
  • Request to cease or restrict processing of your data.
  • Request to stop sharing data with third parties (in case of email, this can be done automatically by pressing the unsubscribe button in the weekly email).

Such a request can be emailed to

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Statement, please feel free to email us at: